Music for the Soul

1. A wonderful L’Cha Dodi by Yeshivat Yerushalayim to lift your spirits.

L’cha Dodi 


2. A beautiful setting by Craig Taubman that we already sing on Shabbat morning.

L’dor Vador


3. A contemporary Shabbat Table Song composed by Cantor Robbie Solomon, performed by Hazzan Alberto Mizrahi and the Western Wind

Yah Ribon Alam


4. Another beautiful Shabbat Table Song from the Western Wind

D’ror Yikra


5. A great song of Israel by the Halonot HaGevohim that we sang at our Yom Ha’Atzmaut Zimriah.

Eifo Hem Kol Avotenu


6. A beautiful Ladino love song sung by Yehoram Gaon

Durme Durme


7. A magnificent contemporary setting by Steven Sher of the beautiful wedding song.

Dodi Li


8. Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach’s V’Shamru that we sing at Shabbat services.



9. The beautiful Israeli folk song, composed by Emanuel Ben-Hayim and sung by Helena Hendel at the Jerusalem Chan.

Sadot Sheba’emek


10. Prayer for the State of Israel by David Burger and Mati Lazar, performed by the Zamir Chorale.

Avinu Shebashamayim


11. I have a little Dreydl like you never heard it before, by Tayku, with soloist Cantor Meyer Davis.



12. A Sephardic Havdalah favorite by the Avner Levy Orchestra.

Laner V’livsamim


13. The new version of the Kabbalistic Prayer that has taken Israel by storm.   Composed by Ovadia Hamama and performed by Kabbalahgroup

Ana BeKoah


14. And the same piece performed by the Israeli female band Emunah, with soloists Adi Arad and Hagit Kfir. (Both versions can be seen on You Tube.)

Ana Bekoah


15. What it must be like for new comers to a shul, by the Megama Duo.

The Prayer Book Blues


16. A sad but true statement about current Jewish life for many, composed by Megama and beautifully sung by Cantor David Propis.

My Zaide


17. A new favorite for Hallel as sung at Hadar in NYC.

Mah Ashiv Ladonai


18. Debbie Friedman’s classic prayer as we begin new journeys.

Tefillat HaDerech


19. Yerushalayim as sung by Hazzan Henry Rosenblum and the Jerusalem Theatre Orchestra




~Hazzan Henry Rosenblum