Religious Services


Shabbat – In-Person (and Zoom)

Registration is required for attendance at Kabbalat Shabbat services in the Little Synagogue. Register by 10AM Friday morning.

On Shabbat morning, advance reservations are not required. The security guard will take all names and contact information in the event contact tracing becomes necessary. 

Weekday Service Schedule (In-person M/Th and Zoom (evenings)

Sunday — 7:30PM (Zoom only)
Monday —  7:30PM (in-person and Zoom)
Tuesday and Wednesday — 7:30PM (Zoom only)
Thursday   7:30PM (in-person and Zoom)

Advance registration is required for all Monday and Thursday minyanim.


Anyone attending services in-person in the Little Synagogue or the Main Sanctuary may wear a mask. 

Zoom is available for most services:

For up-to-date timing, please refer to the FHJC Calendar on the home page (  Password: 345591

Please note most services are also streamed on Zoom, using the above URL and password. ZOOM is now (sometimes) requiring that all participants be placed in a “waiting room,” and let in by the host. We shall be opening up each session about 15 minutes before the start time, so that all participants can “check in” with each other…
If you are an early type, and log in before the session has been started by the host, please be patient, and you will be admitted.

Every Sunday- Thursday, 7:30PM Limmud and Kaddish

Friday: Kabbalat Shabbat, See calendar; See calendar for candles.

Shabbat: 930AM- Limud, Kaddish, Kiddush; Havdallah: See calendar.