Minyan Fellowship

Dear Center members,

For many years, minyan at FHJC has been a self-fulfilling prophecy. By that I mean that nobody organized it but it seemed to happen. For the most part we have had a minyan every day, twice a day. Over the last few years the occasions where we haven’t had a minyan have become more frequent. On the other hand, on those occasions where I have made a request on listserve for people to attend a specific minyan we have had an overwhelming response.

I am absolutely confident that the great majority of our members understand the importance minyan plays in both their own spiritual life and in the spiritual life our community. Furthermore, I am confident that we have enough congregants who are  willing and able to attend minyan. However, without better organizing these people minyan will continue to flounder.

It is with that goal in mind that we are forming a new group called FHJC Minyan Fellowship. Minyan Fellowship will be the means by which we will organize minyan attendance to  insure that we always have a minyan The people responsible for organizing this group, and monitoring minyanim, will be the Minyan Captains.

Minyan Fellowship will be the group of congregants that are able to commit to attending minyan on a regular basis, with a minimum of twice per month. Fellowship members will complete a Minyan Contract which will include specifically which minyanim the member will commit to attending. I understand that there will be some times when a Fellowship member will not be able to attend minyan. In that case  they will be expected to try to find someone to take their place. If  they are unable to do that then the  Fellowship member will inform a Minyan Captain who be able to find a replacement. In addition to knowing who can attend minyan and when, we will be developing a list of people who  are able to attend minyan on short notice (24-48 hours.)  If it appears that a minyan will be short the Minyan Captains will be able to  contact people ahead of time. An example of such a situation would be when there is a shiva minyan which conflicts with the regular minyan.  In order for them to have an accurate headcount for each minyan it will be important that everyone who plans to regularly attend minyan complete the Minyan Contract. If you are not currently attending minyan I think that this is a great opportunity to begin to do so.

I would like to thank the current group of people who have volunteered to be Minyan Captains: Dan Korb, Lisa Levy, Steve Goffner, Gary Weil, Suzanne Vick, and Gary Kerzner.  I understand that we all lead busy lives, and carving out time for minyan can be difficult. For many years our “minyan regulars”  have carried the burden of maintaining minyan. This is simply not working any longer. I am asking everyone who can commit to coming to minyan just twice a month, which is really not a big commitment, to complete the Minyan Contract.

On behalf of the Ritual Committee and the entire FHJC community I want to thank everyone in advance for participating in this crucial endeavor.