Shabbaton Keynote

Friday night Keynote Presentation:

Russian Jewry: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 

Yesterday: A brief sketch of Russian Jewish history since 1880. 

Today: Thoughts, observations and analysis of the current status of Russian Jewry        based on our recent trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Tomorrow: What the future holds for Russian Jewry as seen in my crystal ball.

Primary Presenter will be Jay Luger with help from Zita Goldfinger and Hilda Chusid.

With a special presentation by Alla Roytberg: My Childhood in Soviet St. Petersburg 

Jay Luger is a veterinarian and Jewish history educator. Hilda Chusid is a social worker.

Zita Goldfinger is a veterinarian and science teacher.

Jay, Hilda and Zita (along with Rick Chusid) have recently returned from a trip intended to teach American Jews about the current status of the Russian Jewish community.

Alla Roytberg is an attorney and mediator who was born in Russia and came to this country with her family at age 14.

All are long-time members of FHJC who raised their families in our community.

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