Yom Ha’atzma’ut 2019

On Wednesday evening, May 8, please join us for our annual Yom Ha’atzma’ut Zimriyah celebrating Israel Independence Day, once again made possible by the Avidor family in loving memory of Aryeh, z”l. The program begins with Ma’ariv and Hallel at 7:30PM in the Santuary, and continues with the Zimriyah song festival in the Heller Ballroom immediately thereafter, with delightful Israeli refreshments. Our program this year is dedicated to the music of one of Israel’s greatest composers, Nurit Hirsch, who wrote such classics as “Oseh Shalom” and “BaShanah Haba’ah.”
FHJC Zimriyah Playlist 2019

Click below to play an individual song:

Makhela Aliza

Al Tishali


Perach Ha’lilach

Ata Li Eretz

V’shuv Itchem

Be’derech Hazara

Ah Ya Rab

Rak B’Yisrael

Oseh Shalom

Kvar Aharey Hatzot

Bapardes L’yad Hashoket

Bashanah Ha’ba’ah