Night Under The Stars 2022

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As the Forest Hills Jewish Center embarks upon its 2022 Journal Campaign and Celebration, I invite you to join with me in paying a well-deserved tribute to our guest of honor, Center member Norman Gursen.
The sentence “Hello, this is Norman Gursen from the Forest Hills Jewish Center” is easily one of the most frequently heard in our synagogue community, and in no small measure because of that, Norman is surely one of our most beloved members. Whether greeting guests on a Shabbat morning, sharing in the responsibilities that come with being a co-chair of our Ritual Committee, helping out with a Shivah minyan, sharing a piece of candy or a warm smile – or both – Norman is, in so many important ways, representative of the very best in our community. Getting a phone call from him is always a soothing and welcome treat. No one has a deeper love of this community than Norman does, and he shares that love freely with all of us.
 We are also paying tribute this year to Center member Anita Miller, who is receiving our “Kochav Me’ir” award; a shining star. Along with her late husband Dr. Murray Miller, z”l, Anita has, over many years, been a gracious, generous, and faithful supporter of our synagogue. Her sustained membership has been an inspiration to us all.
Please use this opportunity to honor Norman and Anita. I know that a successful journal will mean the world to them, and it will certainly help us as well.
With warmest best wishes,
Rabbi Gerald C. Skolnik