SUNDAY, MARCH 14, 2021

We hope you can share with us your memories of these events by reaching out to your children, grandchildren, and parents to submit photos that feature the Rabbi and Robin. We know that over 40 years there have been countless of these instances, and of course we cannot include them all, but we will feature as many as possible in a montage tribute. In addition, we will present the Rabbi and Robin with an unedited copy of all the submissions.  

Please follow the directions below to submit your photos digitally. For those who have hard copy submissions, please contact the synagogue office at 718 263 7000 x203. 

Directions for submitting photo(s) electronically:

  • Your high resolution photos should be JPG or PNG files. 
  • Click the box above or the following link on your computer or smartphone:
  • Select the photo(s) that you’d like to upload. NOTE: You will NOT receive an alert that your content has successfully uploaded, but you will see a photo icon and the word “processing” will disappear. 
  • TIP: Best photos are horizontal in nature and really feature our honorees front and center.