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The FHJC Rabbi Search Committee

Letter to the Congregation - March, 2023

March 3, 2023

Dear Members of the Forest Hills Jewish Center and Nursery and Religious School Parents;

On behalf of the Rabbi Search Committee, we would like to thank you for your active participation and extensive input in the search process for our new rabbi. You helped make our three candidate weekends a tremendous success. Our candidates were highly impressed by the level of participation of the congregation in all of our events. You showed the Search Committee and the candidates how much you care about the future of our Shul.

Also, we are extremely grateful that so many of you took the time to complete the congregational survey in the Spring, to participate in focus groups and to complete the candidate feedback forms. In total, we received over 430 feedback forms on the candidates, which is an enormous number, and the feedback we received was both extensive and very thoughtful.

In terms of process, the Board of Trustees will be meeting very soon to listen to the report of the Rabbi Search Committee and to reach its decision on how to proceed. Your feedback in the candidate feedback forms was critically important to the Search Committee in making its recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

We know the future of The Forest Hills Jewish Center is extremely bright with so many active and caring members. May we go from strength to strength together as a community.

Judy and Matt Beizer
Co-Chairs, Rabbi Search Committee


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Committee Members

Judy Beizer & Matt Beizer* – Co-chairs
Romi Narov, President

Ilana Altman*
Ira Beer
Richard Chase
Maureen Dunkel
Jaci Flug
Mitchell Frank
Paul Goldfarb
Rae Kerzner
Temma Kingsley*
Eric Kober
Carrie Leifer
Mark Raphael*
Debra Weil
David Zipkowitz

* denotes past-president

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