L’Dor va’Dor Society

Forest Hills Jewish Center 

L’Dor va’Dor Society

Forest Hills Jewish Center is a part of your life … 
Your commitment can live on through a legacy gift.

The mission of the L’Dor va’Dor Society is to raise awareness and educate the membership of FHJC on  ways that both members and non-members can make bequests to the FHJC, whether through a person’s will, life insurance proceeds or other financial instruments.

If you have  questions about making a bequest please contact one of us. We are planning to reach out to synagogue members and we hope we can count on you to join the L’Dor va’Dor Society soon.

L’Dor va’Dor Committee Co-Chairs, Shirley Rossman-Zucker and Jack Gostl and Committee Members, Deborah Ball-Witlin, Candice Koerner, Pauline Raphael and Judy Zipkowitz