High Holidays 5783 (2022)

Letter from Romi Narov, President, July 18, 2022

Dear Members of The Forest Hills Jewish Center,

The year 5783 that we are about to usher in, promises to be a very special year in the life of Forest Hills Jewish Center. As we prepare to say good bye to Rabbi Skolnik, our beloved Rabbi of more than 40 years, we are planning to make this a year of celebrating his distinguished and inspiring leadership.

Rosh Hashana will be the perfect time to kick off this special year and take note of the fact that it will be our last High Holiday season with Rabbi Skolnik as our spiritual leader and may also be our last year in the Rabbi Ben Zion Boxer Sanctuary. I hope
many of you will join us to be a part of this historic moment.

High Holiday ticket sales are now open! As has been the case since the start of Covid, we will continue to do all we can to minimize risks for everyone attending High
Holiday services.   

  • We are requiring every participant over the age of 5 to provide proof of
    vaccination and booster before we will release their ticket.
  • All attendees, including children aged 2 and over, are required to wear a mask
    covering their nose and mouth at all times when in the building.
  • All High Holiday services will be available remotely via a unique Zoom link for
    those not ready or able to attend the in-person service.
  • Specific seat requests cannot be taken. However, anyone preferring to sit in the balcony for the purpose of greater social distancing may request a balcony seat.
  • Seats will be assigned with a minimum of one seat separating people in different
    pods, and with an effort to maximize distancing.
  • As of this moment, maximum occupancy will be limited to 500.
  • To limit the time we are physically present in the sanctuary, the services will be
    shortened in a halakhically acceptable way.

A seat reservation form is enclosed; please return it before August 26. High Holiday ticket prices are the same price as last year, $230 ($75 for children under 18)*.  We ask Zoom participants to support the service and the shul by purchasing virtual tickets; please indicate “Virtual Seats” on the form if you do not plan to attend in person.

We are excited by the prospect of your coming to celebrate the High Holidays with Rabbi Skolnik and us.  We truly hope you will join us if you can. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.Stay safe and enjoy the summer,

Romi Narov, President

(*Rates above are for FHJC Members. Non-member rates can be found in the form below.)