Nursery School

The Forest Hills Jewish Center provides a complete, well balanced, secular and Jewish education. Our educational methods encourage children to become confident, independent, responsible, and creative thinkers. We integrate our secular studies (language arts, science, music, math) and art activities around the Jewish calendar.

Active learning is the cornerstone to our educational approach. The children participate in exploratory activities that use all their senses; touching, smelling, tasting, seeing and hearing. Using their five senses, the children actively explore and experience their world in a fun and sometimes messy way.

Children are also exposed to pre-reading activities on a daily basis. The presence of visually supportive materials encourages early literacy.

Equally important as active learning is the development of interpersonal skills that will help ensure smooth and productive in the years of learning that lie ahead.

In addition, we also offer Pre-K for All with an optional Judaic wraparound program.

For more information about the Nursery School, contact Susan Rosenbaum, Director.

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Susan Rosenbaum, Director of Early Childhood EducationSusan Rosenbaum, Director of Early Childhood, has been an early childhood educator for over 31 years. She is a graduate of Queens College with a degree in Early Childhood Education and training in Special Education. She has a Masters of Science in Administration and Supervision from College of New Rochelle.